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Imposter Syndrome | Are you enough?

Hello Homies, Welcome back to my blog! Imposter Syndrome? Never heard about it, never mind I heard about it a while ago.  Well, a majority of us have this syndrome and it has become quite common in today’s Gen – Z but as a matter of fact, it has been since time immemorial. So what’s […]

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What Meditation Is Not | Myth Busted

Hello, Homies! In this post, we are going to see what meditation is. You might wonder, why meditation? WELL, it is because, believe it or not, meditation is the solution to all the mental illness that you are going through. The trauma, the depression, the overthinking, the anxiety, the hurt you are going through. Whenever […]

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FTM international | Reviews | Easy To Earn |

Welcome back to my blog homies. What is this FTM international? I heard that people are making thousands and thousands of money out of it! but, can we really earn, or is it just like any other scam? why is it becoming so popular yet so not, in the COVID-19 situation? The points to be […]

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Self Love | Not A How-To-Guide

Welcome back! Glad to see you again. Not to my surprise, many of my friends and readers wanted to read and learn about self-love. Let me clarify this, this is not a self-help guide to something rather a self-analysis about your perception of love and life. I am extremely happy with the response I am […]

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Fairness and Indian Society

Hello there, Welcome back. The fairness industry and cosmetics industry is skyrocketing with the revenue. Thanks to our stupid mindset. Wonder why I said that? Read along. Please have a look at the image above. What do you understand? The obsession with fair skin is all over the world, mainly, North and South Korea, Philippines, […]

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How To Stop Worrying | Stoicism | Marcus Aurelius

Hello there. nice to see you again. You know what? There is a great piece of news for you. You can now stop worrying. Really? how? well, you know it already. Can’t remember how? Don’t worry again! Here’s stoicism to your rescue. You might wonder what stoicism is? Stoicism is an ancient Greek philosophy which […]

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MENTAL HEALTH | Lessons to Learn From 2020

Nice to see you again. “Mental health? Depression?  Are you serious? Come on, It’s just your brain playing around” this is what we hear everytime when we try to talk about this word ‘DEPRESSION’. We all are depressed. Yes! We are. My hands are shaking while typing this particular blog. This year has been ruthless […]

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Hello there, Nice to see you here, I promise that you’ll love this PCOD WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE. I am 22 and a PCOD patient. I was afraid at first because I thought I had something deadly. But I realized that it was nothing dangerous and it is curable. Along the journey, I learned that the […]