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Fairness and Indian Society

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The fairness industry and cosmetics industry is skyrocketing with the revenue. Thanks to our stupid mindset. Wonder why I said that? Read along.

skin light

Please have a look at the image above. What do you understand?

The obsession with fair skin is all over the world, mainly, North and South Korea, Philippines, United States, Nigeria, and Yes! India.

Since the article would go lengthy, I have decided to write only about India.

According to the study estimated in 2019.

India alone manufactures fairness cream, and bleach worth Rs.3000 crores. And by 2023, market revenues are expected to reach upto Rs.5000 crores .

India’s first fairness cream.

  • India’s first fairness cream was launched in 1919. And its name was AFGHAN SNOW.
  • The craze for becoming fairer started in 1975. This was when the ‘ fair and lovely ‘was launched.
  • Followed by Emami and fairever.
  • Gradually, After 2008, international companies like Olay, Loreal, Garnier, and many more companies came to India

Let’s dig deeper, why is there a large scale production of such products?


  • Better Job Opportunities; few modeling and acting aspirants in India get rejected because of their skin color, some often get rejected from a receptionist job because the organization demands fairer looking girls so that they more clients.
  • Marriage and life with their in-laws, because the in-laws prefer fairer partners for their sons or daughters so that they can happily show off to their society or else they might start blaming and harassing the parents of the girl or the boy.
  • Respect and to fit in with the societal norms.
  • A dream to look like their favorite celebrity or the beauty pageant winners.
  • Or to look like some stupid social media influencers.
  • Kids playing with barbie dolls and wishing for skin, like that of the plastics.

Look, this might sound stupid to those who don’t care about what’s happening but the social pressure and psychological rewiring of kids brain might hurt their self-esteem which might force them to take risky steps like altering their skin color. 

Ever thought about it?

The methods of whitening the skin ranges from taking capsules to injecting bleach into their veins. These procedures are so dangerous that it alters your genes.

If you think about it it’s just an act towards self hate to their skin.

Wait! Do you think its just the products? Let us not forget about our Indian entertainment industry.

  • The songs that start with ‘Goriye‘ or use similar terms to describe the beauty of the girl.
  • ‘white, white face dekhe‘ from Tashan.
  • Chand Sa Roshan Chehra‘ from the old songs describing a white beauty
  • Naah‘ by hardy Sandhu that goes ‘Naah goriye,na….na goriye‘.
  • Songs have always been objectifying people in one way or the other. Well, that’s a different story altogether.

Contribution of the famous figures in the fairness industry.

  • Celebrities like Yami Gautam, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Sonam Kapoor, Kiara Advani, Sonakshi Sinha, Kajol, and many others encourage the skin color altering fairness creams. And lately, the fairness issue has also crept into men’s minds.
  • Sharukh khan, John Abraham, Virat Kohli, Varun Dhawan, Tiger shroff, and many others endorse for Emami, Garnier, fair and handsome, and many more.
  • Ever heard about fem bleaching cream? Yes! bleaching cream. Endorsed by Sonakshi Sinha.
  • That particular product promises to make your skin many shades lighter.
  • Some of the fairness products have high mercury and lead content which is highly dangerous after continuous usage.
  • Do you think its natural to do so? Comment down what you think.

Names of the brands 

  • Ponds white beauty.
  • Garnier White Complete Multi Action Fairness Cream
  • loreal white perfect day cream and the rest of the products that you know.
  • I won’t be mentioning every fairness cream in the market because they are in tons.
  • A bleach manufacturer confronted that ‘whenever we add whitening or fairness word on the package or during the endorsement, the customers buy them‘.
  • So the mistakes lie within us.
  • The products are manufactured on such a large scale because we buy them.
  • And after George Floyd’s murder case, ‘fair and lovely’ is now just ‘LOVELY’.
  • This shows that no one was conscious until his death, that racism is a huge thing.

How to stop this?

  • Its pretty simple to start loving yourself for who you are.
  • No matter what skin color you belong to.
  • As I was researching on this topic I came across a fact that still takes place in India.
  • People are judged based on their skin color to relate them to a particular caste.
  • Well, our society is corrupt in every way possible, and to stop this, we must see every person equally and treat like one.
  • Teach your kids to accept them the way they are.
  • Every human is unique.
  • Everyone is lovable.
  • All I wanted to say is live a life caring and loving without any barriers like caste, religion, sex, and race.
  • Every brown and black child is an angel and will grow into a beautiful human being who is nurtured with love.
  • If at all anyone makes racist comments on you, make sure to let them know that it didn’t make them any cooler in any way, rather they looked stupid.

I pledge to respect and treat every human equally irrespective of their caste, religion, sex, and race. Do You? comment down.

Thanks for reading. Share this article as much as you can if you feel it was worth reading. See you sooner.

Fairness and Indian Society
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Fairness and Indian Society
India alone manufactures fairness cream, and bleach worth 3000 crores. By 2023, market revenues are expected to reach up to rs.5000 crores. Is the production needed?
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  1. Hey i would like to Add something here. We Indians say we are not Racist but we are the bigger ones i think. When i first came to Germany people started saying i m beautiful. My confidence grew and i started feeling beautiful. This was my turning point. Ur blog just appeared on right time. I wish many more women read this and get inspired.

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