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FTM international | Reviews | Easy To Earn |

Welcome back to my blog homies. What is this FTM international? I heard that people are making thousands and thousands of money out of it! but, can we really earn, or is it just like any other scam? why is it becoming so popular yet so not, in the COVID-19 situation?

The points to be discussed:

1. What is Emex FTM international?

2. Why is it so popular yet so not?

3. Is it a scam?

4. How does it work?

Let’s get started.

1. What is Emex FTM International?

a. FTM (Fundamental Tradez Marketing) International is a group of companies with experience spanning many industries. It came into existence in October 2019 with its partners fostering a vision to change businesses with the help of modern technology.

b. They promulgated the FTM ROI Business Plan on 1st February 2020 with a clear focus on mission and action plan. Under the esteemed and capable leadership of  Managing Director Mr.Ratheesh Raveendran, they run their corporate office in Bengaluru and registered office in Mumbai. They are currently running two major projects which are first of its kind in India.

One is EmexIndia which will be India’s first E-commerce with the auto binary system. The second is Flykab, India’s first online taxi service with its own financed cabs. The future is bright for the FTM group of companies and they believe in bringing value to their clients and partners through technological and creative ideas.

c. FTM International Started in October 2019 from Mumbai by a group of highly experienced professionals from the direct selling industry. Collectively their experience is above 50 years in the industry. They are committed to market diamond stud 18-carat gold jewels, along with health products FMCG’S, Personal care, Skincare, Cosmetics, Agricare, etc. They believe in ethics and professionalism.

d. The best part about investing in this company is you don’t have to trade, the organization directly does that for you.

2. Why is it so popular yet so not?

a. The company started in October 2019, in Mumbai. But due to the COVID 19 situation, they couldn’t popularize it. In February 2020, the company came up with an ROI scheme i.e. Return On investment.

For example: if you deposit 5000 into their account you will be credited an amount of 1-2% of 5000. This amount will be credited every day for the next 200 working days (Monday – Friday) which makes it Rs.13500 and this is the minimum amount which you will earn.

b. Though it seems that FTM international is not popular yet, people from Karnataka and Kerala have already gained a huge amount of profit by investing.

c. The third reason why it is not popular because, it’s hard to believe that in a generation like this, is it really possible to earn and make profits? Now this question takes us to the third section.

3. Is it a scam?

Let me be very frank and I will answer this question based on my experience.

a. At first, I thought why would any company give ROI in such a profitable amount? How do I know that this really works? what if I lose money? losing money in the COVID 19 situation is like losing a part of our body and moreover I’m just a student and I don’t work.


b. Since I had no money to invest, 2 of my friends who were already a member of Emex FTM international invested the money on my behalf. Because they knew that there is no loss in investing as the returns we got were fruitful.


The image above shows the earning of 2 weeks. Now, you’ll wonder how come I earned Rs.4734+Rs.3944.5 in just 2 weeks. The wallet amount is the pending amount which will be deposited every monday in your main account. So this is also a sign of loyalty, that the organization deposits the total amount every monday.

4. How does it work?

There are 2 ways of earning:

a. Non-Networking ( ROI)
b. Networking ( referral and binary)

Let us first understand these terms:

  • upline: Network marketing term for all independent distributors who are above a representative’s genealogy, including his or her sponsor.
  • downline: In multi-level marketing, refers to the members you have recruited or who have joined the program after you did and whose sales or referrals also generate income for you.
  • genealogy tree:t’s the distributors and customers who keep the business growth steady! Network marketing is more relying on the above two-member side and their contribution directly highlights the winning status of the product selling business.

In non-networking, you invest a minimum of Rs.5000.As soon as you invest the amount your upline will provide you a login id and password with which you will have access to your dashboard and other activities.

You enter this login ID and password in the FTM international app.


After logging in, you can change your password. Your earning starts within 2 days of approval. Now, you’ll start receiving 1-2% ROI. This is valid for up to 200 working days (Mon-Fri). In the majority of the cases, people earn a minimum of Rs.60 every day. so after 200 days,  you earn a minimum of Rs.12000.

In Networking, you add members to create downlink. To understand better please look at the genealogy tree given below.

As you can see. you have a right and a left side. These right and left are your trusted people who will add more members into their right and left.

When you add a member to your right you earn Rs.450 and when you add a person to your left you earn another Rs.450. Now you have an equal number of members on both sides. You maintained a 1:1 ratio. Whenever you create a 1:1 ratio you earn another Rs.450. So in total, you earn 450+450+450=Rs.1350. This is called binary earning.

Read the next step carefully, assume your left person has two members and your right person has one person then you will earn Rs.450 for a 1:1 ratio created between one member of your left member and of your right member.

Now assume you have 100 members on your left and 30 members on your right, here the 1:1 ratio will be created of the 30 members out of 100 from your left and the 30 members of your right.

Which means a 1:1 ratio of 30 people from both sides. Therefore, you earn 30*450=13500 and this chain continues. To equalize both sides you can add members with your referral code.

When you are networking, you earn the non-networking amount as well.


FTM international video

FTM Legal Documents: Business Tool Document

This is all for now. From the next time, I’ll be posting the earnings from the start. Stay tuned.

If interested, contact on and

Thank you. See you soon.

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  1. Yes soumya this platform is really working good for all the members of FTM….As of now I have earned around 18000.
    Thanks to FTM INTERNATIONAL for providing a great platform to earn money in this pandemic situation.

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